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Disaster Management in Africa Intern

Art in Tanzania

Art in Tanzania and its partners work with Tanzanian cooperate and governmental institutions to tackle both natural and artificial environmental disaster issues such as floods, earthquake, landslides, hunger, fire incident, industrial hazards, poverty, desert, gender and risks management, disease like malaria, cholera, global warming due to climatic change and others respectively.

In most western countries disaster management is well organized from the first stage to the last stage of disaster management such as from preparedness, response, prevention, and recovery stage as result has improved resilience to the western world.

In Tanzania disaster management is poorly known even the communities are not informed about disaster incidents and their management. People and their properties are being affected by floods, earthquakes, landslides, diseases like malaria, cholera, hunger, poverty, desert, global warming due to climate change, and industrial incidents from poor health and safety in working place. We work with corporates as Twiga cement, Coca-Cola, and AG-Energies Ltd and you will train about industrial risks, health and safety management.

• Art in Tanzania is a self-sustainable Tanzanian non-profit NGO having about 200 international interns annually in Tanzania in multiple professional work programs.

• Art in Tanzania is an NGO established in 2001, registered as a Tanzanian NGO in 2007, and operating in Madale village in Dar es Salaam

• We have around 20 people on our staff, including 2-3 expatriates. We have 20 -50 international volunteers and interns in Tanzania year-round. Participants live in our compound while mainly focusing on working in the surrounding schools and areas.

• Our focus includes education, social work, medical health, HIV/AIDS, sports, art, movie production, marketing, media, tourism, environmental and climate change programs, corporate social responsibility tasks among others.

• Art in Tanzania partners with the EU Commission cofounded the ERASMUS+ program to develop volunteer and internship training quality for EU countries.

• Our community-based programs aim to empower local communities and individuals. Our interns experience being immersed in the daily life of Tanzania while also having the opportunity to witness the growth of one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa.

• Interns are working in teams of international students and sometimes volunteer professionals. We encourage innovation and creativity in the program's approach. Programs are tutored by professional graduate staff members for each sector/field of the work.

• We are looking to expand our field of international volunteering and internships to empower community development workers in Tanzania.

Please contact us for information on customized and personalized programming. Arts in Tanzania's internships, facilities, and operations are also accessible for those with disabilities. Contact us for more details at

Paid internships include a local minimum wage/stipend of $100 USD per month. We also offer stipends depending on the terms of the internship an

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